Ella with Puppies

Hello friends watching and waiting for puppies.  Ella’s temperature has dropped which means puppies to be delivered this week.  We are expecting puppies the end of the week.  Ella has slowed down her normal activities, but still wants to play!!  Ella has gained 17 pounds. Whelping (birthing) boxes are ready for Queen Ella & puppies!!  Thanks to everyone for assistance in building the whelping boxes!  Stayed tuned for updates as they will be coming more often now!!


Ella’s X-Ray

Ella had her x-ray today!!  We’re happy to announce the verdict is still out on the official number of puppies we’ll have to love!  The vet says she either has 7 or 8 puppies!!  Hopefully the vet does better than the staff has done with their NCAA Men’s Basketball Brackets!  How many puppies do you see in the x-ray?  Keep checking back for updates as she is getting much closer to delivery date!  Thanks for all of the excitement for Ella and the puppies!!

Thank You

Dr. Brady would like to say Thank You to all of the patients for their support of Ella & getting the new office whelping box ready!!  Thank You to our patient for bringing Ella’s first metal collar back to life!! We are all looking forward to cuddling Ella’s puppies.

Congratulations Ella!!

Ella had an ultrasound on 23 February 2017.  The vet showed us 5 puppies in the ultrasound.  The vet tells us she has at least 5 puppies but there could be more!!  If you would like to see the ultrasound please visit the office facebook page.  On facebook we are “Craniofacial Pain & Sleep Center of Fort Collins”.

Please check back frequently for updates on Ella and the puppies.