Puppies as of July

It sure was fun and exciting having the puppies!  Thanks to all of you that worked hard making their first 8 weeks of life awesome!!

Memorial Day weekend the puppies were all taken to the breeder to find their forever homes.  We know where one of the puppies lives and we are happy to share this photo with you.  He is now 13 weeks old and happy in his new home.

Ella’s Puppies Growing Up

The midgets are growing up quickly!  They all weigh between 12 to 15 pounds now!  Their  paws are getting BIG!  They now run up and down the stairs, and eat on a regular big dog schedule.  The personalities are all different but all of their dispositions are much like Ella’s!!  We are soon to find our forever homes.  Thanks to all of our wonderful sitters and extended families!!

Sibling Love

Our ears are trying to stay up just like moms!!

Puppy Update

The winning number is 8.  Ella and the group of eight are doing well.  We have 5 boys and 3 girls to spoil.  All the puppies weighed in at 1.5 pounds this morning.  Check back later for those pics you are awaiting!!  Thanks again for sharing our experience with Ella and the puppies.

Puppy Birth

30 March 2017

At 4:56 am puppy number 8 was whelped!  Ella and all the pups are doing well!  Pups are nursing.  Not sure if all the puppies have arrived or not.  We’ll know shortly.  Pictures to be posted once the humans have had a few winks of sleep.  Dr. Brady wants to know if you know what famous horse was born today?  Thanks for all of your thoughts and best wishes for Ella.  The puppy choir is still singing but not as loudly.

Whelping the Puppies

At this writing it’s a little after 3:00 am.  It’s not that we have insomnia yet!  Ella has successfully whelped (birthed) 4 puppies.  Ella is enjoying her ice cream to promote contractions, the puppy choir is singing nicely.  Little ones are learning to nurse.  Mom is having another contraction and about to deliver as I write.  The human’s are having hot tea or coffee to help get us thru the late night / early morning.  Puppy number 5 is on it’s way, so I have to get back to work helping Ella!!  As always, check back frequently for updates and photo’s to follow!!