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Dr. Brady's Fort Collins office features the i-CAT, the leader in Cone Beam 3-d Dental Imaging services.

  • Safest i-CAT on the market with significantly less radiation than a medical CT scan
  • Typical scan time of 8.9 seconds for improved diagnosis
  • The most complete 3-D dental imaging system for quicker and more comprehensive diagnostic treatment planning
  • Extended fields of view capturing all anatomical fields, providing 3-D data for:

    • TM Joints
    • Airway Assessments
    • Panoramics
    • Cephalometrics

It is important the proper tools are available to diagnose and treat TMJ/TMD. A CT Scan of your Temporomandibular Joints is needed to determine the placement of your joints in relation to the condyles. Without this, it would be difficult to determine what type of appliance and jaw position is best for your situation to avoid surgical complications.